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Green Ambassador Programme

Our collaboration with MOSAIC Vancouver

Since 2017, CATCA EWS is proud to volunteer and collaborate with MOSAIC in Vancouver, with their innovative new program: Green Ambassador Training. This program was created to educate and create awareness among the multiple issues affecting our Canada and it is designed with newcomers from all ages and backgrounds.

Our presentations are about climate change and global warming, and how these issues are affecting the Canadian Arctic. We also provide some easy solutions, which include recycling, composting and been less wasteful, all to make our Canada cleaner, greener and safer for wildlife and humans.

MOSAIC also provides other very interesting and educative talks, and introduces the newcomers to inexpensive and useful homemade recipes for soap, detergents, etc. for daily use, which doesn’t pollute and are almost chemical free, which are great for people with allergies.

Screenshot 2022-10-30 183528.jpg

Our presentations to MOSAIC ambassadors are here below:

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